The Best Of: Steve Madden Booties

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The Best Of: Steve Madden Booties

Steve Madden makes some of the best shoes on the market. They are always on top of the trends, the quality is great and the price point is always reasonable.

Current Trends For Booties:

Every year we see classic black leather booties trending but there is always something slightly different that stands out. This year we are seeing a lot of chunky and geometric style heels on booties. We are also seeing more white booties which I am a huge fan of! Snakeskin is another trend that is very popular currently. I selected a round up of pieces that showcase what is currently on trend. I hope you love them as much as I do!

Quality Of Steve Madden Booties:

The quality of Steve Madden booties is always amazing. When I buy a pair of booties I want to be able to wear them with my regular socks and not have freezing feet. Steve Madden shoes always pass that test. I also find that their shoes last more than 1 season which is very important. This assures that you are getting the best bang for your buck! I highly recommend spraying your shoes with an all protector spray. Steve Madden actually has their own protectant spray that you can purchase to ensure your shoes last as long as possible. This is especially important for booties since they’ll likely endure snowy and/or wet conditions throughout the Fall and Winter seasons.

Price Point:

Steve Madden shoes are always within a reasonable price point. The booties I have selected here range between approximately $70.00-$160.00.


In conclusion, I am certain that if you purchase any of these booties that you will be beyond satisfied. Stay healthy, warm and fabulous this season my friends!



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