Beach Day Essentials

Today I wanted to share my beach day essentials. Hopefully travel becomes a bit easier in the new year and you can utilize some of the products and items I love for a fabulous day at the beach!

Going to the beach gives me such a sense of relief and peace. Hearing the waves continuously crash onto the shore and feeling the sun beat down on your skin. There is truly nothing better.

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Beach Day Product Essentials:

Before I leave the house I make sure to SLATHER on the SPF. My favourite sunscreen for my face is the COOLA: Mineral Face Matte Tint. Then for my body I’ve been using the Ombrelle 60 SPF Sunscreen since I can remember. It isn’t the most pleasant feeling (it is very thick) but I know it is getting the job done: protecting my porcelain white skin! I also ensure I bring both bottles with me so I can re-apply.

I also love to fill in my eyebrows when I go to the beach. This way if I take any photos it doesn’t look like I don’t have any eyebrows! I use the Anastasia Brow Definer in the colour blonde. You can also find my other beauty favourites for a regular day HERE.

Clothing/Accessory Essentials:

I always bring one of my trusty Lululemon scrunchies. I’ll then pick my bathing suit of choice (I’ve been loving Aerie lately) and I also select a cute cover up in case I have to stop for an errand afterwards. I typically wear my circle Ray-Bans because I got those made into prescription so I can drive with them on as well. They really do compliment pretty much any look! Truthfully I love wearing my cheapest possible flip-flops to the beach. I’d hate to ruin a nice pair of my shoes in the sand! These Old Navy flip-flops always seem to do the trick. I also love to add a pair of chunky gold hoops to my beach outfit. This instantly vamps up your look. Just remember to take them off before going into the ocean!

I typically carry all of my essentials in my favourite Lululemon beach bag that my friend Allie got me for my birthday a couple years back. Don’t you love when someone gets you a gift you didn’t know you needed and then you can’t picture your life without it?!


I also ensure that I bring some drinks to stay hydrated while I’m there. I always bring water in a cute S’well water bottle. Sometimes I’ll take an alcoholic beverage as well if I’m feeling it! I don’t usually bring food but If I do I like to keep it simple with something like Tostitos and salsa or some fruit.

Also, after I’ve showered post beach day I love to slather this Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Lotion on. It smells DIVINE!

That about concludes my beach day essentials. Even if you aren’t going to be at the beach anytime soon I’m sure these products will come in handy regardless!

I hope you have an amazing day.


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